How Much Do Solar Panels Cost in Las Vegas? The Hidden Truth (2023)
How Much Do Solar Panels Cost in Las Vegas? The Hidden Truth (2023)

Are you ready to harness the sun's power and ride the wave of green energy in Las Vegas? With over 300 days of sunlight a year, Las Vegas is a solar power goldmine. But, you might be wondering, 'What's the investment? How much do solar panels cost in Las Vegas?'

Don't worry, we've got you covered! In this comprehensive blog post, we'll break down the costs, incentives, and savings to help you make an informed decision about your solar energy future.

Join us as we reveal the untold financial story of solar panels in Las Vegas, a tale that could lead you to significant savings and a cleaner, greener future. It's time to turn Las Vegas' abundant sunshine into your personal powerhouse!

Average Cost of Solar Panels in Las Vegas

As of 2023, the average cost of solar panels in Las Vegas ranges from $15,000 to $25,000 for a 6kW solar system before tax credits and incentives. That translates to $2.50 to $4.17 per watt. However, the final price you pay will depend on several factors, such as the size of your solar system and the type of panels you choose.

The Impact of Federal Solar Tax Credit

The Federal Solar Tax Credit, also known as the Investment Tax Credit (ITC) or the Residential Clean Energy Credit, is a tax credit that can significantly reduce the overall cost of your solar panels. As of 2023, the ITC offers a 30% tax credit for solar system installations. This means, if your system costs $20,000, you could save $6,000 on your federal income taxes. However, this incentive is scheduled to decrease in the coming years, so the sooner you switch to solar, the more you save.

To claim the federal solar tax credit you will need to file an IRS Form 5695 for the tax year that your project was deemed operational, usually by a city inspector. The tax credit doesn’t directly lower the upfront cost of the installation. Instead, it lowers what you owe in federal income taxes.

Nevada-Specific Solar Incentives 

While Nevada may not have specific solar incentives like a solar panel rebate, the state does offer other green energy benefits. For example, NV Energy provides its low-income customers with a significant incentive to adopt electric vehicles, contributing to a greener and more sustainable Nevada.

NV Energy offers low-income customers a $2,500 rebate for the purchase of a new or used electric vehicle (EV). This initiative not only makes EV ownership more accessible but also complements your solar panel installation, allowing you to maximize your renewable energy usage.

Net Energy Metering (NEM)

Nevada’s Net Energy Metering (NEM) program allows customers to use energy generated by their leased or purchased solar system to offset their monthly power bill. If a customer’s solar system produces more energy in a billing period than used, the excess energy will be pushed back onto the grid and used by other electricity customers. Customers earn credits for the excess energy which are recorded on customers’ electric bills. The credits will be automatically applied in the next billing period in which a customer consumes more energy than produced.

The net metering rate structure is tiered and set to decrease over time as the combined amount of applied-for and installed capacity of net metering systems hits 80 megawatt benchmarks. Net metering customers will remain in the same customer class as non-net metering customers and cannot be charged any fee or charge that is different than that charged to non-net metering customers. Net metering customers will pay the same basic service charge and other fees as non-net metering customers.

Final Thoughts

So, how much do solar panels cost in Las Vegas? While the upfront costs may seem substantial, various incentives, tax credits, and long-term energy savings make solar panels a wise investment for Las Vegas homeowners. By harnessing the power of the sun, you can significantly reduce your utility bills, increase your property value, and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Remember that prices can vary based on individual circumstances, so for the most accurate cost estimate, visit our homepage to get an instant estimate.


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